पिता की ये काया

जुल्फों का तुम्हारे जब घना होगा साया
कहाँ तुम्हे याद होगा पिता की ये काया?
आँखों में शर्म और मुख पे होगी जब चंद्र की छाया
कहाँ तुम्हे याद होगा पिता की ये काया?
दो ही पलों का, बस यह मोह -माया
कहाँ तुम्हे याद होगा पिता की ये काया?

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar


मैं पुकारता ही रहा
प्रेम में होकर भाव-विभोर।
छोटी-सी इस जिंदगी में
कितनी कमजोर हैं प्रेम की डोर.

तपते रेत पे बारिश की दो-चार ही बूंदे
छोटी-सी इस जिंदगी में
कितनी कमजोर हैं किस्मत की डोर.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

फटी-मैली-कुचैली साड़ी में

जो सर्वविदित सत्य है
उसी से सबको इंकार है.
जिसका प्रेम जितना पवित्र है
वो उतना ही लाचार है.
अश्कों में बंधकर भी
जिसका ह्रदय बिशाल है.
फटी-मैली-कुचैली साड़ी में
भी माँ सागर सी अथाह है.

जितना मथ लो, गरल की एक बून्द नहीं
बस प्रेम-ही-प्रेम, आपार है.
मगर मनुष्य को कहाँ
इसका ज्ञान है?
भागता-भागता ही रहा जो
चैन-सुकून की तालाश में
फिर लौटा है, महलों को छोड़कर
टूटी-फूटी-टपकती झोपडी में
जो उसके माँ का निवास है.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Permanent Effects

With all your sharp features
we have to make a decision.
Where should I keep my eyes
, and where should my lips?

Holding your waist,
my breaths are getting heavy.
Could you not close your eyes while
we are cozy?

With your beauty,
let me be your cloth and feel heavenly.
The night will not be the same again.
Holding you in my arms like a chain
with your hairs on my chest
the life has turned into a birthday cake.

My lips are dry for your lips.
My chest beats in rhythm with your breath.
My eyes do not want to leave the dream.
My breath intends to have only your smell.
Life is like a blessing
when one enjoys his nudity.
I want to have this again and again.
I want to feel your smooth touch every second.

A bite on your thigh and an edge on your breast
taking away your shyness and making you wild.
It’s like thousands of waves of sea falling on me.
No space, no airs between us
it seems waves want to conceal me.

The knot of your saree and the button your blouse
I want to pull them down.
On your soft silky smooth skin
I want to give my marks on every inch
before planting seeds for a new life.

An army man cannot sleep until he finishes his fight.
A farmer cannot rest until the whole field is plowed.
How can I sleep when I see your beauty without my marks?
Nothing is permanent.
Neither your beauty nor my breaths.
Let me work hard to give you permanent effects.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

You are my vitamin D

A cup of Starbucks coffee,
with you daily
makes my day
and keeps my mind healthy.
You are my vitamin D.
I want it daily.

The way you laugh,
the way you talk,
what should I say?
It is just mesmerizing.
You are my vitamin D.
I want it daily.

After having beers that night
a short walk with you
I started feeling
that our wavelengths were matching.
You are my vitamin D.
I want it daily.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Fake and Corrupt

You are corrupt
and you are fake.
My heart knows that
you are a snake.
You can fool anyone
but I am not that one.

In the name of the association
you have created your monopoly.
You want only you to shout
to prove yourself as a leader.
You can get million silent followers
but I am not that one.

Dedicated to those fake leaders who does not want younger people to express.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar