Two words

I love two words
Difference and different
It’s like husband and wife
I never understand how different the other guy was
That my GF chose him for her life.

I hate two words
Love and pain
It’s like husband and wife
you invite one and partner also joins.

I worship two words
Mom and dad
It’s again like husband and wife
they keep fighting by saying “he is my son”
“he is my son”
I don’t understand why
As I have no quality and good sign.

I am always confused with two words
Husband and wife
You talk with one to know him/her in a better way
And you get all stories about the partner
In the end, you listen a sentance “It was the biggest mistake of life”.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

When will it be again?

With such a sharp jawline
And a perfect smile
You are touching the base of my heart
Thorough your eyes.
I don’t know
When will it be again?

I want to hold
To make you much close
To feel your heart
Through your eyes
At least once again in my life
Because I don’t know
When will it be again?

The circular walk
Was never so much beautiful
And I don’t know
When will it be again?

I never realized
Throughout the whole night
You are a m of 3
As you look like just sixteen
I want it again
But don’t know
Will it be again?

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

Ohh Lata

Ohh Lata, Ohh Lata
Give me a clue, Lata
When will you be free?
So, we can go for tea, Lata.

Don’t take so much time
To decide
Because life is short
And time is flying, Lata.

I can cook rice
If you bring the curry
We can eat together
By watching a movie, Lata.

You bring my happiness
You bring my smile
When we walk down the road
I feel like a victory, Lata.

You are in my heart
You are in my mind
But, I also need you
For my eye, Lata.

You can serve me
Or you can punish me
Whatever you want
Because you are my queen, Lata.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

आज की night अपने साथ

You will be my heart baby
You will be my heart.
I will sing a song for you
And you will dance.
Let the DJ put the music
I will hold you in my arms.
You will be my heart baby
You will be my heart.

आँखों से पिलाना छोड़
बाहों में आजा मेरी जान.
सारी रात का इश्क़ होगा
और तेरी – मेरी साँसों का घमासान।
You will be my heart baby
You will be my heart.
तू बोल, तो ले चलूँ तुझको
आज की night, अपने साथ.
You will be my heart baby
You will be my heart.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Every night

Every night I see the moon and the stars
Every night I feel how much far you are
Every night I draw your smile on the paper
Every night I feel it is not as perfect as you are.

My heart, my blood, they need you
My dreams, my desires, they need you
Every night I keep a pillow
Imagining you are in my arms
Every night I feel it is not as perfect as you are.

I can kiss anyone, I can hold anyone
But nothing is as perfect as you are
We live across the road
But every second I feel how much far you are.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

God is here

Let’s live together
To achieve something better
You are not alone
Don’t keep any fear
Because God is here.

God is here
To protect your smile
And make you happy
He is sending His blessing
Through the sun and the moon
Through the snow and the air
As God is here.

You call Him Jesus
For me, He is Rama
He is within you
He lives in my heart too
The whole world belongs to him
And we are just His flavors
So God is here.

Nothing can stop you
Until you give up
He has all plans for your success
He is always in your side
So don’t ask for any favor
God is here.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar