Kiss in Mumbai

The girl was going easy
making me crazy.
That night was in Mumbai
we were on the road.
Within a second
she gave a kiss like a storm.

Before that moment
I was devastated and a hopeless man.
She gave the sweetest
shortest-shocking moment
which I desired again.
The long 15 years are like a dry river.
The memory of that night
brings a monsoon with cold breeze and rain.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

The kiss was for a moment

Pains are permanent
Tears are temporary.
Intensities are temporary
And shadows are permanent.
The crowd is with me for a second
But loneliness is till I die.

Flowers are for a day
Trees are for generations.
Success is for a second
Failures are for life.
Her kiss was for a moment
But the memory is till I die.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

I am lying on the floor

I am lying on the floor,
Cannot live now any more,
So come back baby,
And, give me a kiss,
I want you on my lips.
Don’t be egoistic and rude to me,
Leave your ego,
But don’t leave me.
Why cannot we be together?
Once again,
Why cannot we walk holding each other?
Once again,
Why cannot you listen me?
Like the way you did in the beginning.
I am dying on the floor,
Cannot live without you any more,
So come back baby,
And, give me a kiss,
I want you on my lips.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

चुम्बन : दांतों का खेल

वो एक कातिलाना,
अंदाज रखती हैं,
मेरे लहू की,
एक प्यास रखती हैं.
लोग कहते हैं जिसे मोहब्बत,
उस शम्रो-हया के पीछे जाने,
वो क्या -क्या ख़्वाब रखती हैं.
वो टकराती हैं राहों में,
अपना दुप्पट्टा लहरा के.
हम अपनी नजरे झुका के चलें,
तो भी शरीफ नहीं।
अपनी शराफत के पीछे जाने,
वो कैसे-कैसे नकाब रखती हैं.
दांतों का खेल है,
चुम्बन मोहब्बत में,
तभी तो बुड्ढों पे वो,
खिलखिला के हंसती हैं.
हम जैसे जवानों की जल रही है,
हसरते कुवारीं।
और ओठों की अपने ही दाँतो से,
वो दबा के रखती हैं.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Kissing your partner has no meaning if your teeth are not involved in that.