Father and Ex

I missed my father
More than my ex
As that was the best father-son pair
That was selected by Nature.

My ex and I
Were just a choice made by us
And we were still looking
To find the best.

The love between my father and me
Was blind
Without any expectation
Full of appreciation and enjoyment.

The love with my ex
Was a force, which strength was
Proportional to my success rate
But my success rate was inversely proportional
To the availability of another successful man.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

पिता और मेरा प्रेम

पिता और मेरा प्रेम
जैसे गंगा की लहरों पे
उषा की किरणें
और प्रकृति मुस्करा उठी.

हर्षित पिता मेरी उदंडता पे
उन्मादित मैं उनकी ख्याति पे
पिता -पुत्र की इस जोड़ी पे
प्रकृति विस्मित हो उठी.

अभी जवानी चढ़ी ही थी
अभी मैं उनके रथ पे चढ़ा ही था
की प्रकृति ने
विछोह की घड़ी ला दी.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

The day I turned 18

The day I turned 18
The world was changed
I started enjoying the mirror more than the wind.
I understood the relationship
Of the flower and bumblebee
Without reading the chapter on pollination.

I loved the change I was witnessing
Inside and outside of my body
Everything was like a slow music
Or like a water stream
Until I was forced on bed
To teach what love is.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

काँटों की शहनाई

मैं तन्हा हूँ तन्हाई में
दिल की रुसवाई में
फूल हैं दूर -दूर
मैं काँटों की शहनाई में.

बहारें राहें बदल रहीं
मुझको ही देखकर
किस्मत के तारे सारे
बैठें मुख मोड़कर।
चाँद छुप गया कहीं
सूरज प्रखर बदली में.

आँखे जिसको ढूंढती
ह्रदय जिसको चाहता
उसकी ही कामना
मैं मिट जाऊं परछाईं से.

ये अधूरापन
दिल को डस रहा मेरे
नयनों के ख्वाब भी
हैं अब विष के प्याले से.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

छापरहिया एक बादल

मेरे मुख का दर्प ये ही हैं
ये ही हैं मेरे सागर।
पाकार इनसे जीवन-अमृत
हुआ मैं दम्भ में पागल।

अट्टहास लगाता जीवन में हूँ
की कोई छीन नहीं सकता मेरे ये आनंद।
सुशीला- धुरंधर का लाल मैं
फीका जिसके आगे स्वर्ग, मेनका का आंचल।

उसपे मैं तोमर राजपूत
और छापरहिया एक बादल।
जहां पे मैं ठहर जाऊं
वहीँ पे बरसे सावन।

The poem is written for my father and mother. It is the best blessing I have in my life.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


She cares for his pocket
He cares for his body
And this is called a pair from heaven.

She looks for his biceps
He looks for her waist
And the connection is from the heart to heart.

I am single because
I don’t have a pocket in my trousers
And meditation does not affect biceps.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

Love pains

Love comes with pains
As flowers bring sharp
But hidden thorns.
Morning sun brings hidden afternoon
Full of heat and dampness.
And rains carry life
For pathogens and insects.

We focus so much on the smile
We never think of our faults.
We enjoy all the huge waves of love
Till the boulder arrives
And crushes us
And finally paralyzed our souls.

The season changes
The weather changes
Seeds germinate
And flower turns into fruits
But our mind
Our heart and our souls
Carry only pains, sorrow and tears
Till we die or we hide from the world.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


I can imagine my life without you
But I cannot imagine life with you.
You speak so much before we kiss
But you don’t speak after our kiss
I can imagine you before our kiss
But I cannot imagine while kissing you.

You are like my banyan tree
It does not matter how vertical light falls
It always makes a shadow
I can see the shadow from far
But I cannot see the shadow
While tangling in your arms.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar