AK is the Euler’s number and Anna Hazare is Euler.

Recently, there was allegation on AAP by AVAM for converting black money into white by accepting donation from fake companies. Instead of accepting their gaffe, AAP came with a logic and raised question about timing of allegation. In an interview with Bharkha Dutt, Mr. Arvind Kejriwaal told “मैंने तो बरखा से पैसा लिया। अब बरखा कहाँ से पैसा लायी, ये जाने का काम मेरा नहीं सरकार का हैं. वो पकड़े अगर आपने गलत किया है”. So the whole episode showed that his honesty (also the honesty of his associates) is indubitable and unalterable. It is similar to ex (the Euler’s number) as differentiation of ex is ex and it does not change upon the degree of differentiation. For example: d (ex)/dx = ex. The d (d(ex)/dx/dx which is d2(ex)/dx2, and so on. This term ‘e’ (natural logarithm) was defined by eminent mathematician Euler. Anna is like Euler, he created such an honest man like AK that nothing can affect his honesty, even his corruption. Instead of commenting on the AK’s fault, Anna wrote a blog about failure of Modi’s government. What will AK tell this timing? The hidden meanings of his explanation are following:

  1. His point was that he is not different than any other politician. He wanted that BJP should have done this after election. In other words, after election, he is not going to bother about allegation. He will finish his term without thinking about any thing.
  2. He will accept money from ISI and will challenge PM to catch ISI if he can. In other words, for all his failure or wrong work, only PM will be responsible.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar