Snow mother

On a summer night
Down on the road
I saw a mother with her children
A wife with her husband
A sister with her brother
A young girl with her lover
And I was alone.

On a windy, rainy day
In the downtown of the city
I met a newlywed couple
On their honeymoon,
My family is on a vacation
To celebrate holidays,
And I was alone.

On a chilled winter day,
there was heavy snow outside.
Inside the house
I was watching Netflix
With snacks and tea.
After the snow, I saw kids playing with mom
making snowman and snowwomen.
While I was making snow mother
As I was alone.
I realized I was in another country.

Rifle Singh Dhurnadhar

Life in this century

How strange is life
in this century?
Husband and wife say
hi, hello, good morning, good night
happy anniversary
on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram,
not by holding a hand and looking into eyes.

So many costly gifts
Year by year
are collected in the basement.
They have not seen hot Sun
And fresh summer air.
Unable to save love and marriage.

We are earning money
To have whiskey and wine
Not to buy salt, wheat, and Saari.

Not very far those days
When we will celebrate
Our birthday in the stratosphere
While attending a lecture against global warming
And how to save plants, farmers, and the sea.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

सियासत की नावं

जिस मोड़ से गुजरी है सियासत की नावं
उसी मोड़ से गुजरेगी क़यामत की नावं।

जिन नजरों ने लाइ है ये मोहब्बत की रात
वो नजरे हिन् लाएंगी क़यामत की रात.

वो महात्मा थे जब तक यहाँ थी गैरों की नावं
अपनों ने ही डुबों दी पहले मेरी नावं.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Life without father

In the childhood

I was not doing anything. 

But I had everything.

In our big family,

with just my father’s earnings. 

Now I am doing everything. 

I have everything, 

but life is not satisfied.

With my big earnings 

and a small family 

that starts and ends with me. 

I used to fight for food

with my sisters and everyone.

Now there is no one to fight. 

The kitchen is full of food, 

But I don’t have that taste in curry. 

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

हम बाबूसाहेब

छपरा के ह इन हम बाबूसाहेब बबुनी
रखनी चोली हम तहरे नाप के.

आ जा कभी हमारा बथान पे
भूल जइबू फिर गइल बाजार में.

पूछ लियह कोई से हमर नाम लेके
पहुंचा दिहि लोग भाभी कह के.

Rifle SIngh Dhurandhar

पियवा के प्यार में पागल भइल बिया

पियवा के प्यार में पागल भइल बिया
बिया कुँवार आ घायल भइल बिया.

चुग-चुग के दाना कंगाल कैलख
जाल में फंस के अब बीमार भइल बिया।

१६ ही साल में जवानी लेके
सारा खलिहान के इ धान भइल बिया।

चर -चर के चौरा, जवान भइल
अब खूंटा से बंध के बीमार भइल बिया।

नयना से बिया मासूम बड़ी
कमर से धमान के घाव भइल बिया।

rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Give me a mirror-2

Give me a mirror
Give me a mirror
I thought your kiss meant everything to me.
I thought you were the world for me.
But I was wrong.
I realized my world is within me
My peace is within me
And not outside.
The outside is just a black hole
Not more than this to me.

The dream I saw with you
It was pure, was true.
But now I understand it was not meant for me,
Not meant for us.
I was just a moon
that was Reflecting you and your world.
Now I want to radiant my inner world.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar


O Bumblebee
I am not on a tree
Just come to me
And make me horny.

I am not in my twenties
Nor in the thirties too
But the dream is
To be someone’s queen bee.

The desire is still like the first night
The fire is still like a storm in the sky.
But the dream is
To be someone’s queen bee.
Just come to me
And make me horny.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Framers are crying

In today’s world
we have solar systems
solar house, solar cells, and solar car.
But we don’t care about
tree, plant, and farmers.
Tree as the oldest and natural transformer
that converts solar energy into foods
and farmers as an only engineers
that make those transformers.

In today’s world,
we are going beyond the stratosphere.
We are making digital emotions.
We are having our cloud
But at the cost of our ecosystem.
We talk about globalization as well as global warming.
While we are playing share markets and
growing Bitcoins and cryptocurrency.
Our biosphere is shrinking
Our animals, plants, and framers are crying.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

जीवन बंजारा हो

नहीं धरा पे कभी-कहीं, कोई लिए रूप हां तुम सा हो
बनो तुम ही बस मेरी प्रियसी, या फिर जीवन बंजारा हो.
अधरों पे मेरे गिरे अमृत तो बस तुम्हारी अधरों से
या रह जाए अटल प्यास मेरी, या फिर तेरे वक्षों का सहारा हो.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar