Natural selection is slower in 21st century due to higher population of feminist or independent girls

We know that human have evolved from monkey. Further, every man dreams or tries to get a girl as we believe that women are for love. However, girls love dogs. To win the heart of a girl, one has to love dog or have to be creative like dog. Thus the guy who is not able to shed his genetically inheritable character from monkey at fast rate may not be able to win the heart of any girl. The fast you will adopt to this dog-dominated society, the better chance you have to get a girl.

Interestingly, in country like India, there is different kind of pressure on later stage of guys. They have to work hard to make money. Its like being a donkey. So here is the paradox: guys struggle upto their late thirties to make themselves as dog to get a girl (Monkey to Dog) and then later struggle to evolve as donkey (Dog to Donkey).

This brings the problem with the next generation. This has disturbed the process of natural selection. Now, the selection is not moving in the forward direction through the intermediate stages. It is triangular (monkey to dog to monkey). Therefore, it will take more time to get the final stage as we still have average population as moneky. When the average population will be dog then it will be two stage process (dog-donkey) and then it will be at higher rate.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

Evolution and Marriage

Unmarried girls are more identical then married girls. Thus the variability is higher among unmarried girls. The degree of variability increase with number of years in married life but not with the number of marriage.  That’s why a society with girls preferring unmarried life may not evolve and may become extinct after some time.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar