अकेला जीवन
अकेली राहें
अकेला रह गया.
पिता के संग
परम संतोष
विश्वास, मीठी नींदे
लम्बी राते
अब बस एक स्वप्न
रह गया.


भारत-रक्षक स्कंदगुप्त

पिता तुम्हारी चरणों में शत -शत बात नमन मेरा
मैं लौटूंगा समूल मिटा के हूणों का कुल-बल सारा।
क्षण भर भी मुझे मोह नहीं सत्ता के इस सुख का
अक्षुण्य रखूँगा मगध को बस ये ही हैं स्वप्न मेरा।



Hidden dip in dense amazon
At the center of it.
Unseen, unexplored.
But the fragrance travels
from north to south
And east to west,
and fills each heart with love.
Sunrays penetrate all thick layers of foliage
Just to fall on it.
Her heart is so kind
that she reflects each ray with different refraction.
Vinous air makes birds, reptiles
And ocean waves compete to capture it.
But the dense amazon turns into the wall of China
and protects it.
Not because it is weak
But because it makes Amazon unique in the universe.
Because Amazon dances every morning
By seeing its beauty.
The beauty which is different in the morning
And different at night.
The beauty is soft silky in the afternoon and
Red, introverted in the evening.
The beauty which charms sun rays in the morning
And reptiles at night.
The beauty hugs all hearts on this earth.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Life in this century

How strange is life
in this century?
Husband and wife say
hi, hello, good morning, good night
happy anniversary
on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram,
not by holding a hand and looking into eyes.

So many costly gifts
Year by year
are collected in the basement.
They have not seen hot Sun
And fresh summer air.
Unable to save love and marriage.

We are earning money
To have whiskey and wine
Not to buy salt, wheat, and Saari.

Not very far those days
When we will celebrate
Our birthday in the stratosphere
While attending a lecture against global warming
And how to save plants, farmers, and the sea.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

सियासत की नावं

जिस मोड़ से गुजरी है सियासत की नावं
उसी मोड़ से गुजरेगी क़यामत की नावं।

जिन नजरों ने लाइ है ये मोहब्बत की रात
वो नजरे हिन् लाएंगी क़यामत की रात.

वो महात्मा थे जब तक यहाँ थी गैरों की नावं
अपनों ने ही डुबों दी पहले मेरी नावं.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Life without father

In the childhood

I was not doing anything. 

But I had everything.

In our big family,

with just my father’s earnings. 

Now I am doing everything. 

I have everything, 

but life is not satisfied.

With my big earnings 

and a small family 

that starts and ends with me. 

I used to fight for food

with my sisters and everyone.

Now there is no one to fight. 

The kitchen is full of food, 

But I don’t have that taste in curry. 

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

हम बाबूसाहेब

छपरा के ह इन हम बाबूसाहेब बबुनी
रखनी चोली हम तहरे नाप के.

आ जा कभी हमारा बथान पे
भूल जइबू फिर गइल बाजार में.

पूछ लियह कोई से हमर नाम लेके
पहुंचा दिहि लोग भाभी कह के.

Rifle SIngh Dhurandhar