This Summer

This Summer
The night will be longer
The day will be brighter
The flowers will sing for me
And the stars will blink for me.

This Summer
She will be dressed up for me
In the morning
And will take shower for me
In the night.

This summer
She will be a queen
For a new kingdom
To rule it as per her wish.

This Summer
Her hair will shine without shampoo
Her feet will be red
Without color on it
And her lips will keep speaking
To the mirror
Just by imagining my thirst
On my dry lips.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

This summer

This summer
A new bird will fly in the sky
With its new and strong wings.
And it will fly to woods
To make a new nest.

A new flower will bloom
To welcome sunrays and night dews
Every morning.
A new river will flow
To nourish seeds and making noise.

And a new star will be born in the sky
To make night beautiful
And to enhance the beauty of the moon.

I wish the nature preserves their tenderness
And hope they provide their fragrance and light
In my life till my last breath.
Waiting for this summer
To sing a new song
To sleep on a new bed
And to welcome a new walk.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar