I support Comedy Nights Live

From every corner of India, people have been commenting that the Comedy Nights Live is flop compare to Comedy Nights with Kapil. However, I am going to watch it and support it. The reason is very simple. When every one is behind stars, there are very few people who are behind good people. They just do good work without reaching at that stardom and Krushna Abhishek is such an example.

Men are not on the earth just to rule or to make biceps. They are to protect and give the confidence in women. It is easy to work with Sunny Leone or Ekta Kapoor or Katrina, but there will be very few people who will work with a healthy girl like Bharti Singh. Even Dilip Kumar refused to work in the film “Pyasa” because Vahida Rehman was newcomer. Guru Dutta had the courage but Bollywood gave all respect and stardom to Dilip Kumar. I feel great when I watch his combination with Bharti.

While John left Bipasha after 5-6 years of living relationship, this guy married his girlfriend Kashmira Shah after 7 years of living relationship. Talent is everywhere from Kasmir to Kanyakumari in India, but we lack character. I love this guy Krushna even if he is not as talented as Kapil.


Parmit Kumar Singh