Two mistakes of my life

  1. When there was no Skype and STD/ISD booth was popular, I used to call my father everyday. It was during my graduation, 19998-2002. On such evening, I paid 500 by borrowing some money from my friend who was with me at that time. My friend told to everyone, and people started advising me to save money. They kept asking me why I was wasting money. Today, there is Skype, Hangout and money, however, my father, my biggest strength, is no more.
  2. Whenever my girlfriend used to ask for the movies, I took her for dinner or lunch. Finally, after the breakup, she told the reason that I was always trying to save money by avoiding movies. Now, I am making the dinner and go to watch movies as she, my greatest weakness, is not with me.

Parmit Kumar Singh