Raksha bandhan ( Rakhi) and Independence of Girls

Recently, Taslima Nasreen wrote an article “A big celebration of patriarchal tradition”, and one of my friends Bala jee supported her view.

On the day of Rakhi, most of the students try to avoid classes. The reason is obvious. I never missed any class on such day, since I have had a relation with girls like relationship between Russia and USA. Taslima did not touch this point that girls are more interested to celebrate this festival than boys. This is one of the reasons they use to tie Rakhi to their colleague.

Just one night before the festival Rakhi in 2002, my classmates told me that their friend, Shaheen, wanted to tie a Rakhi to me. She was from a rich family from Mumbai. Before I could have told anything, they started giving reasons. The bottom of their stories was that she felt sad by seeing other girls celebrating the moment. Next day, she tied a Rakhi to me. The moral of the story is that girls are envious to each other. Their desire for something is because of other girls. So, Shaheen tied a Rakhi because she was unable to digest the happiness of other girls in the hostel.

So, I truly feel that there is no link of celebrating Rakhi and independence of girls. In my view, a girl cannot be an independent person because of the following reasons: 1.She cannot accept children from others. 2. She cannot live with the first wife of her husband. 3 She cannot live without marriage even if she is the big supporters of live-in-relationship, and Bipasha’s statements are example of it. 4. She wants to marry not because she loves her partner, but because she cannot live alone in later stage of her life.

चरित्रा शुभकर

लूटकर कितनी माँ का आँचल,
बैठी है वो  दर पर अपने आँचल को फैलाकर.
वो खुश है अपने दामन में  खुशियों को पाकर,

और नाम रखा है उसका चरित्रा शुभकर.
सोच-सोच कर आने वाले कल को,
हर्षित हो उठता है उनका चितवन,
और मेरी  आँखे देख रही है, परमित
बिलखते हुए फिर किसी माँ का तन-मन…….Crassa

Saina’s Bronze and Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption

Some players made history by winning medal, and others are remembered for their love for the game. Saina won the bronze medal in London 2012, but she cannot be a great sportsperson. In my opinion, she should have refused to accept this medal. By accepting, she shows the selfish side that promotes corruption in society. She is not different than the player who lost the matches intentionally.

By accepting the prize she defines the change in the Indian culture. Now people do not have will power, and they want to get everything by short cut. In other ways, her bronze medal defines why Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption is flop……………Crassa

हसरते जिन्दगी

कभी जाम बन कर ओठों का, कभी ख्वाब बनकर आँखों का,

हसरते जिन्दगी ने हर पल में छला है,
जब घूँघट उठाया उनका अपनी चार दिवारी  में, परमित
रंगे-हुस्न ने हकीकत दिखलाया है,

नयी दुनिया..

ना मंदिरों में घंटी बजाऊंगा, ना मस्जिदों में सर ही झुकाउंगा,

तेरे दुआ से खड़ा हूँ माँ, तेरे चरणों में ही दुनिया बसाऊंगा.
नन्हे कदमो से जब चला था, तेरी ऊँगली पकरकर पिता,
तुमने गोद में उठ के आसमा दिखाया था,
गीता कभी ना मै पढूंगा, ना आयत ही कुरान के दोहराऊंगा,
प्यार पाया है, प्यार की दुनिया बनाऊंगा,
जो करते है भेदभाव इस धरती पे,
वो क्या समझेंगे इस मिटटी के रंग को,
स्वर्ग छोड़ के उतरती है गंगा,
इसी मिटटी में मिल जाने को,
ना सितारों की चमक में खोऊंगा, ना महफ़िल में बुझ पाऊंगा,
इस मिटटी का लाल हूँ, इसी में मिल जाऊँगा.
जो दावा करते है मुझे समझने का,
उन्हें नहीं पता की मै ,
उनकी समझ से परे एक अनंत हूँ,
कभी परमित, कभी सोनामित,
कही सिंह तो कभी Crassa कहलाऊंगा….