मधुरम्-मधुरम् माधुरी

मधुरम्-मधुरम् माधुरी, करे मेरे दिल की चाकरी।
श्री देवी अति सुंदरी, सुंदरम-सुंदरम माधवी।
करिश्मा से रवीना, जबकि नजर का कमीना,
सब के संग बिताऊंगा बस एक-एक ही महीना।
चाहे सेक्सी साईरन हो या थंडर थाई,
सबके लिए बचाई है अपनी ये कमाई।
रेखा हो या जयाप्रदा, शांतिप्रिय या भानुप्रिया,
सब खाना चाहती है बस मेरे ही दुकान की मलाई।

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Double Standard of Bollywood

It is good that Raj Kumar Hirani made a movie “PK” that shows the problems with Hindu religion. However, I don’t understand why religion is so important for the moviemakers when there are other social issues. There are several well-known incidents that could have shown by movies. But, it needs courage, which the Bollywood lacks.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra as a Kashmiri Pandit made a film “Mission Kashmir” to show the problem of Kashmir. He told at that time he still felt close to Kashmir. Now, he made a movie “PK” that shows that the Hindu hate other religions. This suggests that there is no problem in Kashmir and all problems were created by Kashmiri Pandit who hates other religion. Thus, the Hindu in the movie “PK” are the Kashmiri Pandit.

Sanjay Khan beat long back Jeenat Aman in a party at the Taj hotel, Mumbai. No one tried to save her and she lost her eye permanently. However she never lodged any complain at the police station. I am still waiting for the movie when Hirani will show the treatment Bollywood does with their actress.

Aamir Khan believes in freedom of women. However, when it comes to decide the religion of his children, his wife has no power to decide.

Indian girls especially our actress always praise our brave army men but they choose wealthy, famous foreigners and businessmen for their marriage. Neena Gupta, the famous actress, chose sir Vivian Richards, for her motherhood. I have never seen any Indian actress who got married with an army man.

Hope to see at least one movie or one episode in the “Satyamev Jayte” on these topics.

Parmit Kumar Singh