How will be this year if your birthday is on 26 Feb?

Your birthday has 6 and 2016 has 6. The number 6 is symbol of Knowledge. This year is going to complement you in the filed of knowledge. Another specialty of 6 is that it has five numbers one side and three numbers other side and both are odd whereas number 6 itself is even number. There is only one such number and that is 4 which is smaller than 6. It means your enemy will complement you also and you will make them as your friend. If you add 4 and 6, it becomes finally 1 that is symbol of Sun who is the best teacher and taught Lord Hanuman. Your month of birth represents the Moon that reflects Sun’s rays. This suggest that whoever will come in near to you, he/she will shine in the word or become a great person. Interestingly, the number 2 divides both 6 and 4. The division generates the number 3 and the number 2respectively. The addition of these numbers 2 and 3 results the number 5. This suggests you have the regeneration capability and no one can destroy you. You can survive in any condition.


Parmit Kumar Singh