मौका अपना

दिल्ली संभल गयी, मुंबई संभल गयी,
आवो संभालें अब घर अपना।
भूल न जाना ए दोस्तों,
सुख – दुःख का साथी हैं कौन अपना।
कभी दारु पे बिक गयी,
कभी जात पे चढ़ गयी,
कभी धर्म के नाम मिट गयी,
खुशियाँ सारी अपनी।
अब तो संभल जावों ए दोस्तों,
कहीं हाथों से न निकल जाए,
दुबारा ये सुनहरा मौका अपना।

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

ये चुनाव और वोट भी आपका अपना दोस्तों

ये लड़ाई है हमारे अधिकारों की,
हमारे मांगों की, हमारे अरमानों की,
पांच साल में आता है ये मौका दोस्तों,
देखो फिर ये मौका न इसे गवाना दोस्तों।
साक्षर तो हैं अब सभी,
पर सबको सजग बनना है.
सीमा के प्रहरी सा अब,
सबको अटल बनना है.
जात – पात और धर्म में बांधकर,
फिर न पीछे पछताना दोस्तों।
देखो फिर ये मौका न इसे गवाना दोस्तों।
अब जब बिटिया निकले और बहने सड़क पे,
तो उनका आँचल लहराए।
ना उनके ह्रदय में भय हो,
ना उनकी आँखे झुकीं हों,
ऐसा शासक – सुशासक है लाना दोस्तों,
की किसी ऐसे को ना बिठा दो इस ताज पे,
फिर बहनों को पड़े घूँघट करना दोस्तों।
पांच साल में आता है ये मौका दोस्तों,
देखो फिर ये मौका न इसे गवाना दोस्तों।
मेरा काम है आपको समझाना दोस्तों,
ये धरती आपकी, ये गावं आपका,
ये चुनाव और वोट भी आपका अपना दोस्तों।
तो सोच लो, समझ लो,
विचार कर लो,
किस – किस को हैं चुनना,
और किस को है हराना दोस्तों।
पांच साल में आता है ये मौका दोस्तों,
देखो फिर ये मौका न इसे गवाना दोस्तों।

This is to explain the important of  election. People should give importance to this as they give for their religion.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर

Bihari and Delhite: Who is without brain?

Delhi election, 2015, will prove who is genius. Long back, when I was in Pune, most of my friends and faculties used to ask why Lalu Yadav kept wining in Bihar. They were surprised that why people choose Lalu who made Bihar uncivilized and undeveloped. In a reply, I used to tell that development and corruption is never the issue in elections. We (Bihari) were still voting him because of his contribution in 1977 and because he saved life of Loknayak JP. This used to make them silence as in India people, except me, have no courage to tell anything against Gandhi Jee and JP.

Today, I am excited and waiting for the result of Delhi election. I am excited to know what my friends (some of them were with me in Pune) from Delhi will tell after AAP’s government formation, if APP wins. Due to Arvind Kejriwaal, Delhi faced election within a year. We know how much an election costs. At least, I am proud of Lalu that he gave a stable government in Bihar, he supported his house wife and made her CM. Arvind Kejriwaal went to Gujraat just before the election and started talking about their problem, he went to Varanasi and told he would never leave Vanaras. Now, he forgets everything. This makes me surprised whether Delhi people are blind like Dhritrashtra or they are brainless.

Many of my friends told that Modi is not a good person for PM as he left his wife and still not bothering about her. Now, how will any one justify Arvind Kejriwaal as CM when he left whole Delhi just for a Lok Sabha seat from Varansi. He forgot his whole fight against corruption of Sheela Dikshit and just gave priority to his personal ego clash with Modi. Defeating Modi was important for him rather than solving the problem of Delhi. The result on 10 Feb will tell whether Bihari is genius or Delhite. After 16 years, I will have a smile on my face while discussing politics with any one in India who are supporting AAP.

Parmit Kumar Singh


हज़रात की तमन्ना की सरकार बना लें,
सरेआम कोहराम मचा दें.
अगर यकीन न हो तो दे दो सत्ता,
फिर न कहना की आवो थोड़ा आराम फरमा लें.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर