Shinzo Abe

When a leader takes care of you
You betray them.
When someone thinks of you
You shoot them.
It was Gandhi and Kennedy earlier,
and now Shinzo Abe.
For a fraction of the second,
you won the battle.
But you made them immortal
to inspire the coming generation.
Their life was for their people.
Their thoughts were for their people.
And now these people will keep them
alive for the coming generation.
A great leader is like an ocean
that is calm, alone, silent but persistent
and always there for generations
To make their people enjoy their life here.


Her home address

Hey Galib, what have you been writing
on her beauty?
Whatever it it, it is about my heart.
The whole world know my pain
and the reason of it.
However, only you are writing the cure of it.
Hey Galib, which path should I choose,
I dont know?
Because, on each path,
you have been writing her home address.



A fish cannot fly.
A bird cannot swim.
We should know
how much we should dream.

A peacock cannot sing.
A cuckoo cannot dance
We should know
how much we should dream.

The moon cannot shine
on a day that is bright.
The Sun cannot show our path
on a dark night.
We should know
how much we should dream.

We can choose
and make our decision.
We can fight
and we can survive.
But we should know
how much we should dream.


A journey together

Baby, I want to love you.
So, you will be mine forever.
Baby, I want to have you.
So, you will get my fever.
Baby, let us meet
To mix our flavors.
There is nothing in the sky
If I cannot see your smile.
So, let’s meet, let’s meet
To have a journey together.
You don’t know
How long I have been waiting for you?
So jump on me and
Give your lips everywhere-2.