घूँघट और चीरहरण

मेरा इश्क़, कोई हवस नहीं है
अतः यह किसी भीड़ की मोहताज नहीं है
हुस्न और मेरी राहें हैं अलग -अलग, पर
मेरा मकसद घूँघट उठाना है, कोई चीरहरण नहीं है.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर


जंगल को जो अपना कहते हैं
ये कैसी विडम्बना है?
वो राष्ट्र को नहीं मानते।

पत्थर -पहाड़, पेड़
नदियाँ, सूर्य को अपना कह
पूजते हैं
पर ये कैसी बिडम्बना है?
राष्ट्र को बस भूगोल
भूगोलिक – सरंचना
और कुछ नहीं मानते।

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर 

आँखों की तेरी चतुराई

The heart goes high
With your smile
You are the beauty
I have been dreaming
Throughout the life.
I feel to live with you
If you can hold me tight.

I love all your curves
And आँखों की तेरी चतुराई
I am from Chhapra
Want to settle in Shanghai
Let’s play one day again
Asa husband and a wife.
I feel to live with you
If you can hold me tight.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

A male version of a bitch

Last Saturday, I was invited to an Indian house party. Thought to write down to explain that we, PhD holders, refuse to change despite of our involvement in the Swatchh Bharat. My Chinese friend and I were welcomed at the reception by a sentence: “I am single and ready to mingle.” This was a family party with children and only two friends joined without their partners. My friend was requested by the gentleman H to call his female colleague. His expectation was that his Chinese colleague would join the party to meet another Chinese lady. My friend left a message as there was no response from the other side. As a smart guy H is, he quickly responded that she might be sleeping as Chinese women sleep at 7 PM and it was 9 PM. H showed his depth of knowledge about Chinese women. When I came to know this, I told H and others that it was wrong. After some time, I looked for my friend. She was talking with H and S outside of the party room as H wanted to have a cigarette. I also joined.
Four of us were having discussion when H mentioned he worked for Pfizer. My friend asked more about Pfizer. Single and ready to mingle famed colleague told that Pfizer makes Viagra. This was a clear message to the world/China that we are from the land of Kamasutra. Now S left and we came inside where ST joined us. I was standing at the door and facing ST, my friend was right side of me and H was left side of me. H shared his chocolate with us and then, instead of taking the shortest path to the door, H took a curvaceous path that was encircling us. In that way, he tried to grab the lower back of my friend while passing through the door. My friend immediately caught my upper right arms and asked, “Is he your friend?” I gave a expression that I did not understand. She said, “He is the male version of a bitch.” Next, she told me what happened. She wanted me to confront him. I told her that I had only two options in such case: 1. a physical fight, 2. call a police. I explained her that he would deny and rest of people would tell it was unintentionally. My preference was the second choice but again we gave up the idea as organizer might have not liked that. So we stayed there for a while and left immediately.
Today, in a discussion, few party friends told me that it was my mistake and I should have confronted/warned/slapped him. I accepted my mistake and realized PhD can not make us a better human being despite of our daily discussion on how to stop rapes.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

Two words

I love two words
Difference and different
It’s like husband and wife
I never understand how different the other guy was
That my GF chose him for her life.

I hate two words
Love and pain
It’s like husband and wife
you invite one and partner also joins.

I worship two words
Mom and dad
It’s again like husband and wife
they keep fighting by saying “he is my son”
“he is my son”
I don’t understand why
As I have no quality and good sign.

I am always confused with two words
Husband and wife
You talk with one to know him/her in a better way
And you get all stories about the partner
In the end, you listen a sentance “It was the biggest mistake of life”.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

उसकी आँखों में क्या दर्द दे गए?

जिसे खेत में लूट कर तुम नबाब बन गए
उससे पूछा क्या कभी?
उसकी आँखों में क्या दर्द दे गए?
एक चिड़िया
जिसने अभी सीखा नहीं था दाना चुगना
तुम दाने के बहाने जाल डालके
उसका आसमान ले गए.
कई रातों तक देखती थी जो ख्वाब
घोनषलॉन से निकल कर एक उड़ान भरने का
उसके पंखों को बाँध कर
तुम उसका वो सारा ख्वाब ले गए.

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर