You ignite my spindle

Baby, as you grow old
I love your wrinkles.
Baby, as you come close
I love your dimple.
Seeing your smiles every morning,
I feel we can still make it hot
incoming winter.

Baby, as you hold me
It ignites my spindle.
Baby, as you twiddle with me
I love our tangle.
Baby, you are the reason
I don’t want to die single.
With you,
I love to dwindle.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

उठो, बढ़ो लड़ो और संघर्ष करो

कोई गरीब नहीं है, कोई अमीर नहीं है.
चंद सिक्कों का खेल है सब, पूरी तस्वीर नहीं है.
ये हंस-खेल रहे, उन्हें कोई सुकून नहीं है.
संसाधनों की लड़ाई है ये, कोई तकदीर नहीं है.
उठो, बढ़ो लड़ो और संघर्ष करो, महाराणा बन के
पढ़ो और बोलो की मुग़ल जालिम थे
वो कोई जिल्ले-इलाही नहीं थें.
इतना क्या शिकायत खुद से मुंतशिर?
ये आवाज और कलम किसी और की नहीं है.

Dedicate to Kavi Manoj Muntashir.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Alone in happiness

The dream I have is dying

I cannot do anything to make it survive.

The color of the sky 

And the smell in the air 

Keep reminding me that 

I am not from here. 

The enjoyment of technology 

And the excitement of advancement in technology 

Donot provide any happiness. 

It just makes us to forget from where are.

Social medias are increasing 

Without any social value.

We are creating jungles of selfie

And not of trees. 

We are sharing our happiness 

Without involving anyone.

In the last, we are alone in our happiness.

The more I want to go back 

The more I am addicted to it.

We shout we are creating a world

But it is pseudo, and virtual. 

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Kiss in Mumbai

The girl was going easy
making me crazy.
That night was in Mumbai
we were on the road.
Within a second
she gave a kiss like a storm.

Before that moment
I was devastated and a hopeless man.
She gave the sweetest
shortest-shocking moment
which I desired again.
The long 15 years are like a dry river.
The memory of that night
brings a monsoon with cold breeze and rain.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Future and Past

I can imagine 2050.
But I can not imagine 1050
by reading books of history.

I can imagine technology,
environment, social issues, media in 2050.
But I can not imagine these things in ancient times.

We have lost the proportionality
between the future and the past.

I can imagine family,
children, responsibility in 2050.
But I can not imagine family responsibility in 1050.

We have reduced the diagonal of a picture frame
disproportionate between the present and the past.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

We are hotties

Hey guys, you are naughty
We are hotties
Let’s hang together
And make some parties.
You could cook
And we would shake our booties.

We are from the south
And we want some mouth
To grasp fresh air
Without doing any jogging.

We don’t have any dream
So no strings
Just hang together
And make some parties.
You could cook
And we would shake our booties.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Permanent Effects

With all your sharp features
we have to make a decision.
Where should I keep my eyes
, and where should my lips?

Holding your waist,
my breaths are getting heavy.
Could you not close your eyes while
we are cozy?

With your beauty,
let me be your cloth and feel heavenly.
The night will not be the same again.
Holding you in my arms like a chain
with your hairs on my chest
the life has turned into a birthday cake.

My lips are dry for your lips.
My chest beats in rhythm with your breath.
My eyes do not want to leave the dream.
My breath intends to have only your smell.
Life is like a blessing
when one enjoys his nudity.
I want to have this again and again.
I want to feel your smooth touch every second.

A bite on your thigh and an edge on your breast
taking away your shyness and making you wild.
It’s like thousands of waves of sea falling on me.
No space, no airs between us
it seems waves want to conceal me.

The knot of your saree and the button your blouse
I want to pull them down.
On your soft silky smooth skin
I want to give my marks on every inch
before planting seeds for a new life.

An army man cannot sleep until he finishes his fight.
A farmer cannot rest until the whole field is plowed.
How can I sleep when I see your beauty without my marks?
Nothing is permanent.
Neither your beauty nor my breaths.
Let me work hard to give you permanent effects.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar