Men too

I always wanted to change the world
On my first day on the campus
I saw her giving a speech
How to change the world.

Rest of the life
She spent to change my life
And rest of the life
I spent to change myself
For her happiness.

Finally, we are divorced
Her last sentence was
“The world cannot change.”
“And men too.”

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

A coin

There is a spark in her eyes
To live with a perfect man in the future.
There is a man in her arms
She says, “you are my perfect man.”

In her speech, there are words for an ideal world
Kindness, fight against poverty,
Morality, loyalty, and equality.
There is a man in her arms, who is married
She has been asking him to divorce his wife.

On her lips, there are different shades of color
Depending on the situation, night, music
Mood, and emotions.
There is only one color in her heart.
There is darkness, darkness and darkness.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

ना अपहरण, ना बलात्कार कीजिये

जिंदगी जहाँ पे दर्द बन जाए
वहीँ से शिव का नाम लीजिये।
अगर कोई न हो संग, राह में तुम्हारे
तो कण-कण से फिर प्यार कीजिये।

राम को मिला था बनवास यहीं पे
तो आप भी कंदराओं में निवास कीजिये।
माना की अँधेरा छाया हुआ हैं
तो दीप से द्वार का श्रृंगार कीजिये।

जिंदगी नहीं है अधूरी कभी भी
तो ना अपहरण, ना बलात्कार कीजिये।
माना की किस्मत में अमृत-तारा नहीं
तो फिर शिव सा ही विषपान कीजिये।

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar