I can imagine my life without you
But I cannot imagine life with you.
You speak so much before we kiss
But you don’t speak after our kiss
I can imagine you before our kiss
But I cannot imagine while kissing you.

You are like my banyan tree
It does not matter how vertical light falls
It always makes a shadow
I can see the shadow from far
But I cannot see the shadow
While tangling in your arms.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


The sadness of roots
the calmness of stems
the perfectness of leaves
together brings happiness in nature
in the form of flowers.
Flowers, the happiness of nature, comes
along with thorns
but do they care?
no, not at all
because they do not have time.
And their goal is not to protect themselves
but to make a lucid day and tinted weather.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar


Today I talked with the moon
The moon was sad
That we don’t communicate with it
We don’t remember it anymore
Children enjoy PUBG
Moms enjoy WhatsApp and Facebook
No one now sings “Chanda mama dur ke”.

Now writers and poets don’t write on it
Living relations and job pressure have destroyed
the value of letters, moon, air, clouds
in the long-distance relationship.

Technology and computers
Have brought us closer physically
But it seems the distance between us
Has increased only.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

आँखों की तेरी चतुराई

The heart goes high
With your smile
You are the beauty
I have been dreaming
Throughout the life.
I feel to live with you
If you can hold me tight.

I love all your curves
And आँखों की तेरी चतुराई
I am from Chhapra
Want to settle in Shanghai
Let’s play one day again
Asa husband and a wife.
I feel to live with you
If you can hold me tight.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar