USA-India Friendship

You are from America.
I am from India.
Let’s make the bridge stronger
To connect America to India,
India to America.

You are from America.
I am from India.
Let’s play the chess
with a queen from America
And a king from India.

You are from America
I am from India.
Let’s play the tennis
With Serena from America
And Sania from India.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Enamored mask

I had a mask in my pocket.
It was enamored
And waiting for her silken touch.

At the Side Bar
It turned into a rose.
When we met the first time
outside of my dream.

When she put it on
Her lips, breath, and heart
got my secret hidden embrace.

The night was enamored
As she was turning red.
A bliss beyond my dream.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar


तेरी-मेरी आँखों में एक इशारा हो जाए
तेरा जो रंग है वो मेरा हो जाए.
कुछ और नहीं माँगा है रब से मैंने
बस तेरे-मेरे दिल का याराना हो जाए.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Red chick

Your red cheeks and deep eyes
showed me how my life could be?
While walking on the road,
I felt a fresh breeze.
But yet, I felt the pain of your legs
on my dry throats.

I was ready to do anything
to make you feel safe.
The night brought my lost luck.
But the night and incoming dawn
dwindled my chance to boil my blood,
And took you away from my arms.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar


So much crying
So much pain
Life is like
Nothing can drain.

Just one failure
makes us fragile in a way
That we just sink
And never come up again.

So many siblings
So many friends
But yet we reject all of them
After losing just one game.

That’s not the way
to live the life.
Lift it like
No one can lift it again.
Lift it like
to inspire the whole clan.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Snow mother

On a summer night
Down on the road
I saw a mother with her children
A wife with her husband
A sister with her brother
A young girl with her lover
And I was alone.

On a windy, rainy day
In the downtown of the city
I met a newlywed couple
On their honeymoon,
My family is on a vacation
To celebrate holidays,
And I was alone.

On a chilled winter day,
there was heavy snow outside.
Inside the house
I was watching Netflix
With snacks and tea.
After the snow, I saw kids playing with mom
making snowman and snowwomen.
While I was making snow mother
As I was alone.
I realized I was in another country.

Rifle Singh Dhurnadhar

Life in this century

How strange is life
in this century?
Husband and wife say
hi, hello, good morning, good night
happy anniversary
on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram,
not by holding a hand and looking into eyes.

So many costly gifts
Year by year
are collected in the basement.
They have not seen hot Sun
And fresh summer air.
Unable to save love and marriage.

We are earning money
To have whiskey and wine
Not to buy salt, wheat, and Saari.

Not very far those days
When we will celebrate
Our birthday in the stratosphere
While attending a lecture against global warming
And how to save plants, farmers, and the sea.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

सियासत की नावं

जिस मोड़ से गुजरी है सियासत की नावं
उसी मोड़ से गुजरेगी क़यामत की नावं।

जिन नजरों ने लाइ है ये मोहब्बत की रात
वो नजरे हिन् लाएंगी क़यामत की रात.

वो महात्मा थे जब तक यहाँ थी गैरों की नावं
अपनों ने ही डुबों दी पहले मेरी नावं.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar