Saina’s Bronze and Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption

Some players made history by winning medal, and others are remembered for their love for the game. Saina won the bronze medal in London 2012, but she cannot be a great sportsperson. In my opinion, she should have refused to accept this medal. By accepting, she shows the selfish side that promotes corruption in society. She is not different than the player who lost the matches intentionally.

By accepting the prize she defines the change in the Indian culture. Now people do not have will power, and they want to get everything by short cut. In other ways, her bronze medal defines why Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption is flop……………Crassa

2 thoughts on “Saina’s Bronze and Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption

  1. Have you seen the match? I have. I have seen Saina making the Chinese opponent running around in the court by very good shot placings. 1st set win was just good luck for Chinese lady she was not playing class. Even the quarter final match opponent was much-much better than this, I feel.
    My personal opinion however, so no offense please.


  2. I have not seen the match, and I feel she is the best than her Chinese opponents (even better from the silver medalist). What I was trying to tell is ” khel ko khel ki bhavna se khelna chahiye”. it is our culture that we help our enemy also if she/he is ill or in danger. But I think even i would have done the same what she did because we are human being and we have such weakness.


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