Hip-waist ratio: nature’s definition of beauty

What is not affected by evolution in human life? The answer is linked with women. Evolution has not affected the hip-waist ratio of women, and it has also not affected the desire to be the most beautiful women in the world. The second is due to some kind of selection where every guy or his family like to select the most beautiful girl for the marriage. It is different thing that the criteria of beauty changes time to time. I have been trying to understand how the married life of a beautiful girl would be. Is it different than the married life of normal or not beautiful girl. Since I am not married, I thought to get the answer from Indian knowledge of palmistry. The marriage line for a guy is under the little finger and above the heart line. The third parameter for a line to be qualify as marriage line is that it should be on the mount of Mercury. The area below the little finger is the mount of Mercury. The more number of lines you have, the more relationship you will have in your life. But the number of lines does not mean that you will be in a relationship with a beautiful girl. What is the chance that you will a get a beautiful wife in your life? Our ancient knowledge has answer for this. There are two ways that you can know from your hand whether you would marry the most beautiful girl or not. First, if the line of marriage touch or reach into the area of Mount of Sun. The mount of Sun is below the ring finger. If it touch the starting point of the mount or the base of ring finger, it suggests your wife will be very beautiful. However, there is a cost for this, there is a chance that you will run away from your marriage. You will not be able to enjoy the married life and thus leave her and become hermit like Lord Budhaa. If the line penetrates more into the mount of Sun, there might be a chance that you would run away before the marriage finalizes.

The second symbol for marriage with a beautiful wife is generally under index finger which is symbol, for Jupiter. People whose life is under Jupiter are mostly scholars, and thus they also loose interest in their wife soon. The problem starts when there is no children. The lady might fall for other guy and this might create social problem. So the conclusion is that the married life of the most of the beautiful lady is not successful or they never married. For example, Urvashi, Menka, Amarpaali (Vaisali Nagar Vadhu), Rekha, Suriyaa, Jayaparda, Dimple …etc. So if a guy says that he is married with the most beautiful girl, then he is either a fool or he does not know the meaning of beauty. For nature, the meaning of beauty is not related to color, height, or looks, but it is defined by hip-waist ratio. Interestingly, this ratio is constant and has been not changed during evolution. Therefore, the Miss World is as beautiful as the runner up of that competition. So all girls are equally beautiful and they are as beautiful as a girl in from the Andman – Nicobar island, India. Therefore, one should choose girl for marriage or relationship on the basis of nothing or just hip-waist ratio, which is same for all girls.


Parmit Singh Dhurandhar

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