Choice: a tree or a girl.

You plant a tree
Every morning flowers welcome you.
And finally, fruits bring
Health, happiness, and money to you.

You make a relationship
Every day
Ice-cream, chocolate, coffee, movies
Gifts to her to make her happy.
Finally, she leaves you
Gives you a heartbreak,
Migraine, sleepless night,
Finally, bad health,
And a permanent pain and tears
To your family.

It’s your choice: a tree or a girl.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

Father and Ex

I missed my father
More than my ex
As that was the best father-son pair
That was selected by Nature.

My ex and I
Were just a choice made by us
And we were still looking
To find the best.

The love between my father and me
Was blind
Without any expectation
Full of appreciation and enjoyment.

The love with my ex
Was a force, which strength was
Proportional to my success rate
But my success rate was inversely proportional
To the availability of another successful man.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

The day I turned 18

The day I turned 18
The world was changed
I started enjoying the mirror more than the wind.
I understood the relationship
Of the flower and bumblebee
Without reading the chapter on pollination.

I loved the change I was witnessing
Inside and outside of my body
Everything was like a slow music
Or like a water stream
Until I was forced on bed
To teach what love is.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar


It’s my body but with your sweats
My eyes but having your dreams
My dried lips with your smells
I don’t know
It’s my soul or you living inside me.

It’s my heart but beats for you
My veins carry blood that only boils for you
The adrenal glands, fat cells,
The placenta and the ovaries are my organs
But you stimulate them to make estrogen
Without you, they are on menopause.
I don’t know
It’s my body or you living inside me.

Rifle Singh Dhurandhar

The meaning of celebration

Flower without thorns
Streams without pebbles
Life without sickness
Eyes without crying
Difficult to find.

Success without failures
Love without pains
Morning without sun
Ocean without waves
Difficult to believe.

Rise and falls make a life
Like a husband and wife.
Without these, there is no meaning
Of celebration.

Parmit Singh Dhurandhar